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This week we're joined by Andrew Myrick to talk about Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 rumors, the Note 7 investigation, and Donald Trump's Android phone.

Top Stories

  • Galaxy S8 leaks/rumors galore
  • Samsung is hoarding the Snapdragon 835
  • Results from Note 7 investigation
    • Note 8 confirmation

Quick Hits

  • Google Voice gets an update
  • Donald J Trump uses an insecure Android phone
  • Google I/O Dates/Location Confirmed
  • New Pixel 2 rumors
  • HTC is not making an Android Wear watch
  • LG Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatch / Assistant rumored for G6

#tbthursday: When phones were named like cars


  • Andrew: “Change is good” - got an iPhone / MWC could be boring
  • Joe: Got a new camera / Sprint buys 33% of Tidal
  • Chris: McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce giveaway / NVIDIA SHIELD TV (no multitasking)
  • Ashley: Budget Pixel phone rumors / S7 Edge Pink Lines

App Picks

  • Andrew: BBTan
  • Joe: Pickle
  • Chris: Snap Swipe Drawer
  • Ashley: Sesame Edge
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