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This week we're talking about the death of SMS in Hangouts. Is it a big deal? Do you use SMS anymore? We're also talking about a new Hololens demo, the Samsung Galaxy S7's "3D Touch" feature, Android N names, and a little Star Wars. Thanks for listening!

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We share our picks for the 2015 Reader's Choice Awards, analyze the new Android emoji way more than we should, and talk about Chris' trip to China. Other topics in this episode include the Google Play Music family plan, HTC doing well again, Apple's ugly battery case, RIP Nexus 6, and much more.

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In this week's episode, we've updated our Best Android Phones rankings. Which phone comes out on top? Joe wraps up his thoughts on the LG V10, HTC and Motorola have new smartwatches coming soon, Japan makes a phone that can be washed with soap, people love the Amazon Echo, and much more. Also, find out why Chris feels like a dad, and why the new Batman vs Superman trailer sucks.

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Will the Samsung Galaxy S7 mark a return to SD card slots? Should the FCC be okay with T-Mobile BingeOn? Is Black Friday dying a slow and painful death? We answer thos questions, and much more. Other topics include the Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft's latest Android app.

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The LG V10 is in the house. Joe talks about why it feels like the biggest phone ever made, and how useful the second screen can be. We also talk about the return of flip phones? Other topics in this episode include the ASUS Chromebit, Huawei's crazy fast-charging battery, #sprintsuxslightlyless, Star Wars trailers, and what happens when a self-driving car breaks the law.

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This week we're talking about T-Mobile's new BingOn service, sneaky price hikes, and why John Legere is like your drunk uncle. We're also talking about the HTC One X9, Google Play family features, Xiamoi's ultra cheap fitness band, and how OneDrive won an argument for Joe.

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On this week's episode Joe wraps up his thoughts on the HTC One A9, and we try to put the Apple vs HTC argument to rest. Android and Phandroid turn 8 years old, and Chris thinks that is "phat." We also discuss the recent Nexus 6P bend tests. Enjoy!

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This week, Tony Hannides joins us once again. We're talking about the new Motorola DROID Turbo 2 and DROID Maxx 2. The OnePlus X, HTC One A9, and the rise of "premium mid-range" phones. Other topics include Google Play Podcasts, gigantic Samsung tablets, Nexus 6P delays, and much more!

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This week we talk about Back to the Future and how much Chris loves the Nexus 6P.

Top Stories

  • We have the Nexus 6P and 5X

Quick Hits

  • HTC One A9 official
  • BlackBerry Priv coming Nov 16th for $750
  • Verizon teases Turbo 2, will be on MotoMaker
  • YouTube Red is official at $10 a month ($12 for iPhone)
  • Redesigned Play Store UI rolling out
  • Fossil Q Founder official at $275


  • Joe: Google customer service + MJF wears real Air Mags on Kimmel / Cubs lose
  • Chris: Nexus 6P’s Snapdragon 810 (insanely fast) / Only received orange Android Mini Collectibles from Jamba Juice/Android Pay promotion  
  • Ashley: Fitbit Charge HR / PocketCasts Web

App Picks

  • Joe: TimeTune
  • Chris: Boomerang by Instagram
  • Ashley: the Sequence
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Top Stories

  • New DROIDs, OnePlus X, HTC One A9, BlackBerry Priv coming soon

Quick Hits

  • Pepsi is making a phone for some reason
  • Samsung will have 3D touch in the S7
  • Facebook is testing a video hub
  • The Asus ZenWatch 2 has a speaker
  • BLOCKS modular smartwatch
  • Giftable Play Music subscriptions incoming
  • Motorola long distance wireless charging?


  • Joe: AT&T NumberSync / OnePlus trade-in Samsung for a OP2
  • Chris: LG is first to rollout Android 6.0 Marshmallow (they will be once it starts) / iPhone 6S #10 in DxOMark’s mobile camera ratings
  • Ashley: Spam Blocker app for notifications / G3 keeps crashing repeatedly

App Picks

  • Joe: Robird
  • Chris: AMOLED Burn-in Fixer
  • Ashley: Subterfuge & Fliktu
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