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The guys talk about the Huawei Mate 10, ZTE Axon M, Pixel 2 first impressions, and the HTC U11 Plus.

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This week the guys talk about Android Wear updates, Google Home Mini spying on people, and Google teaming up with Apple and Amazon for "Movies Anywhere."

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This week is all about the Pixel 2 and the Google event. The guys talk about the search bar placement, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, new Google Home devices, first impressions of the Pixel Buds, and cloud storage vs SD cards.

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Topics this week include Google's smart jacket finally going up for sale, Apple switching to Google for Siri and iOS search, 4 new Amazon Echo devices, a bogus Ultra Pixel leak, and rumors about a Google Home with a screen.

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This week the guys talk about Motorola flip-flopping on Oreo update, a massive Google leak including the Pixel 2, the Moto X4 coming to the U.S. via Android One, and the Google+HTC deal.

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This week, the guys talk about the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, the iPhone X and iPhone 8 compared to Android, Pixel 2 being "only on Verizon" again, Google's Pixel 2 teaser, and rumors about the Google Bisto headphones.

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The topics this week include the Bixby Speaker, new Pixel 2 details, Google buying HTC, and the Galaxy S8 Active unlocked model.

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This week the guys talk about the ugly Fitbit Ionic, Essential phone drama, Tango being converted into ARCore, the LG V30, and Galaxy S9 rumors.

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Long time no podcast. Joe shares an update on what happened to Mobile Roar and details of a brand new show to replace it. Thanks for sticking with us!


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We're back! This week, we're talking about everything that happened at Google I/O. Was it a boring show? Is that a bad thing? We also talk about the new stuff in Android O, the HTC U11, and much more!

Top Stories

  • Google IO recap
  • Android O beta

Quick Hits

  • HTC U11 announced
  • LG G6 one month later
  • OnePlus 5 might not have headphone jack
  • Andy Rubin showing something off May 30th
  • Samsung changed storage on Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S camera comparisons
  • Pokemon GO Pidgey purgatory


  • Joe: DJI Spark / Shazam game show + Last straw with Twitter
  • Chris: Galaxy S8 5,000mAh battery case / G6 performance

App Picks

  • Joe: Magikarp Jump
  • Chris: Allo (update)
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