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Join us for our second Mobile Roar podcast. The editors from iSource, WinSource, and Phandroid slap chop the news and discuss things like the future of smart watches, why Google Edition Android phones are no good, which phones are best, and what not to do on 4th of July if you want to see the 5th of July.

Joe Fedewa - WinSource

Chris Chavez - Phandroid

Kevin Kraus - iSource

Edgar Cervantes - GTVSource/ChromeSpot

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Mobile Roar #1: Google Edition, Windows Phone 8.1, and more!

This is the debut episode of the Mobile Roar podcast featuring Joe Fedewa from WinSource, Chris Chavez from Phandroid, Edgar Cervantes from GTVSource and Chromespot, and special guest Mark Hearn from XboxOneDaily. They talk about mobile phones like the new Google Edition Galaxy S4 and HTC One, leaks of the next version of Windows Phone, new budding technologies with Sony's Smartwatch, and how much they think Spint's 4G network sucks.

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