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We are joined by Tony Hannides this week to recap all the news from Motorola, OnePlus, Apple, and much more!

Top Stories

  • Moto Z and Moto Z Force with Moto Mods
  • Phab 2 Pro
  • iOS 10 and Watch OS 3 announced
  • OnePlus 3 launches

Quick Hits

  • Android N DP4 rolling out
  • Pokemon Go will be available in July
  • AT&T brings Wifi calling to Android
  • Project Fi to include US Cellular

#throwbackthursday: Task killers


  • Tony: Apple Lets You Remove “Stock” Apps from Homescreen/It doesn’t remove it memory
  • Joe: / Moto Z kills 3.5mm headphone jack + Domino's fails at one job

App Picks

  • Tony: VISR
  • Joe: Flamingo
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This week we're talking about the story that comes around every year: Google is taking more control over the Nexus line. Is it for real this time? We're also talking about the OnePlus 3, iPhone 7 and no headphone jack, Snapchat confusion, and more!

Top Stories

  • Google says they’ll be ‘more opinionated’ with Nexus hardware (again)

Quick Hits

  • OnePlus 3 to launch without invite system
  • Renders of Lightening-to-headphone adapters leak
  • Phonebloks founder takes issue with where Project Ara is heading
  • More people use Snapchat than Twitter
  • ASUS Zenfone 3 announced


  • Joe: U of M ForcePhone tech / Kickstarter launch windows suck
  • Chris: 72 new emoji have been finalized / HTC 10 battery life is terrible
  • Ashley: Xiaomi MiBand 2 announced

App Picks

  • Joe: Big Hunter
  • Chris: Samsung Good Lock (updates)
  • Ashley: Templar Battleforce RPG Demo
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The big stories this week revolve around modular phones. Moto's "Mods" have leaked in press renders, and Project Ara is still very alive. More alive than we hoped. Other topics include the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (yes 7), new Pebble watches, and more!

Top Stories

  • Moto Z to replace Moto X, mods leak
  • Project Ara not dead

Quick Hits

  • Pebble 2 and Time 2 announced
  • Google could release list of best and worst OEMs
  • Samsung to skip Note 6 and go to Note 7
  • Galaxy S7 Active to have 4,000mAh battery
  • Samsung shows off flexible display
  • Chromebook sales overtake Mac
  • Microsoft guts phone business and lays off hundreds


  • Joe: YouTube Red deal+good samaritan / Facebook is forcing trending on me
  • Chris: Android N’s hidden DPI setting / HTC 10 camera performance (auto-focus)

App Picks

  • Joe: Third Eye
  • Chris: USB Check
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This week is ALL about Google I/O! We're talking about Google Home, Google Assistant, the two confusing messaging apps (Allo and Duo), Android N updates, and much more!


  • Joe: I played with Oculus Rift / IO is still slightly scary
  • Chris: Android Auto will work without connecting to car / I/O’s outdoor venue is a bust
  • Ashley: Moto 360 vs Fitbit comparison

App Picks

  • Joe: Poncho
  • Chris: Google Keyboard from Android N
  • Ashley: Curiosity
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This week we're talking about the rumored Moto X 2016. Apparently Motorola is going to take a shot at a modular phone. We're also talking about Google's Amazon Echo competitor, OnePlus' HTC clone, and much more!

Top Stories

Moto X 2016 leak (modular, super thin, 2 different models)

Quick Hits

3D Touch won’t arrive in the first Android N, but in an update soon after
Google working on an Amazon Echo competitor (codenamed Chirp)
Google’s standalone VR headset is called “Android VR”
OnePlus 3 looks like an HTC
WhatsApp releases a desktop application for Windows and Mac
YouTube messenger is rolling out for some
Still have $5 promo codes for reversible micro USB cables


Joe: Pebble adds health data to app / Instagram’s new look
Chris: HTC 10 camera update / Google paying $20 per hour to test Self-Driving Cars
Ashley: Fitbit is falling apart / Moto 360 is much nicer

App Picks

Joe: 99 Rockets
Chris: Gboard (Google Keyboard for iOS)
Ashley: Feel the Wear
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This week we'll be wrapping up our thoughts on the HTC 10! Is it the new phone to beat? We're also talking about Google's new hardware leader, rumored TV service from YouTube, foldable phones, and much more!

Top Stories
Quick HTC 10 review recap (shipping now)

Quick Hits
Rick Osterloh leading Google hardware
YouTube working on a live TV service
PieMessage brings iMessage to Android
Samsung could launch foldable phone in 2017
Nextbit Robin is $299 for a week
Samsung Galaxy C5 is an HTC clone

Joe: New tech turns your skin into a touch screen for your smartwatch / Power Rangers movie
Chris: Google self-driving car in GTA V / Galaxy S7 lens cover
Ashley: Tunisia mobile developer offers real-life cow as prize / My roommate’s niece told me my phone “grew up.”

App Picks
Joe: SoundSeeder
Chris: Google Keyboard (update)
Ashley: Punch Club Sale

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We're back to talk more about the HTC 10, two rumored HTC Nexus devices, poor LG G5 sales, and expensive watch bands from Google. We also discuss Nintendo's mobile plans, Google Play for Chrome OS, and Chris has something he doesn't want to talk about.

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We have a lot to talk about in this week's episode. Joe has both the LG G5 and HTC 10. He gives his final thoughts on the G5 and his first impressions of the HTC 10. We also talk about the new update to Android N, texting-friendly movie theaters, and much more. At the end of show, we share our wins and fails of the week and recommend some apps. Thanks for listening!

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In this episode we're talking about the death of Windows Phone. For real this time. We're also talking about Samsung Good Lock, the huge Snapchat update, Sprint's bad Amazon Prime deal, and much more!

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Apple has a new iPhone, and it's very small. For some reason Chris is in love with the new iPhone SE. We can't understand why. We're also talking about the upcoming HTC 10 event, pricing for the LG G5's accessories, and a bunch of new Google projects. Thanks for listening!

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