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This week the guys talk about Android Wear updates, Google Home Mini spying on people, and Google teaming up with Apple and Amazon for "Movies Anywhere."

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This week is all about the Pixel 2 and the Google event. The guys talk about the search bar placement, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, new Google Home devices, first impressions of the Pixel Buds, and cloud storage vs SD cards.

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Topics this week include Google's smart jacket finally going up for sale, Apple switching to Google for Siri and iOS search, 4 new Amazon Echo devices, a bogus Ultra Pixel leak, and rumors about a Google Home with a screen.

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This week the guys talk about Motorola flip-flopping on Oreo update, a massive Google leak including the Pixel 2, the Moto X4 coming to the U.S. via Android One, and the Google+HTC deal.

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This week, the guys talk about the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, the iPhone X and iPhone 8 compared to Android, Pixel 2 being "only on Verizon" again, Google's Pixel 2 teaser, and rumors about the Google Bisto headphones.

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The topics this week include the Bixby Speaker, new Pixel 2 details, Google buying HTC, and the Galaxy S8 Active unlocked model.

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This week the guys talk about the ugly Fitbit Ionic, Essential phone drama, Tango being converted into ARCore, the LG V30, and Galaxy S9 rumors.

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Long time no podcast. Joe shares an update on what happened to Mobile Roar and details of a brand new show to replace it. Thanks for sticking with us!


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We're back! This week, we're talking about everything that happened at Google I/O. Was it a boring show? Is that a bad thing? We also talk about the new stuff in Android O, the HTC U11, and much more!

Top Stories

  • Google IO recap
  • Android O beta

Quick Hits

  • HTC U11 announced
  • LG G6 one month later
  • OnePlus 5 might not have headphone jack
  • Andy Rubin showing something off May 30th
  • Samsung changed storage on Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S camera comparisons
  • Pokemon GO Pidgey purgatory


  • Joe: DJI Spark / Shazam game show + Last straw with Twitter
  • Chris: Galaxy S8 5,000mAh battery case / G6 performance

App Picks

  • Joe: Magikarp Jump
  • Chris: Allo (update)
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Chris and Joe discuss the multiple issues people have reported with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Are these things worth worrying about? Should we even talk about them? Is it unfair to scrutinize the S8 so much? All that, and much more!

Top Stories

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 issues & bias

Quick Hits

  • Galaxy S8 vs old Galaxy S camera test
  • Galaxy S8 vs LG G6 camera test
  • Google announces when Pixel support will end
  • There will be a Note 8
  • HTC U 11 specs leak
  • Jelly is a tiny LTE Android smartphone
  • Sheeple added to the dictionary


  • Joe: I played BotW / FB Messenger is getting laggy AF
  • Chris: Galaxy S8 separate app audio / FB #10concerts thing

App Picks

  • Joe: Google Earth
  • Chris: FaceApp
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