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This week we answer the big questions, like "what state is Arkansas in?" We also talk about actual tech news. More OnePlus drama, HTC ads for bad movies, T-Mobile making moves, and more!

Top Stories

  • Tricking Apple fans with faux iPhone

Quick Hits

  • OnePlus promising another phone before the holidays, AP break up, hacked
  • New LG Nexus 5 rumors and leaks
  • HTC angers users with Fantastic Four ad (Sony too)
  • Leaked images of Microsoft’s next flagship phone
  • Lollipop running on just 18% of Android devices
  • T-Mobile becomes 3rd largest US carrier


  • Joe: Nexus devices will get monthly security updates / YotaPhone 2 not coming to US
  • Chris: Moto X advertised in Moto G video / Galaxy Note 5 battery (3,000mAh)  
  • Ashley: Razer will put Ouya games on Google Play / Stagefright fail

App Picks

  • Joe: Play Music Alarm
  • Chris: TripCase  
  • Ashley: Moon Reader+ 50% off

Emails: Daquane, Beast

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