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In this episode we're talking about #pengate, leaked Motorola Droid phones, HTC's iPhone copycat, the next Moto 360, and much more.


Top Stories

  • #Pengate, Samsung’s response, etc. 
  • Motorola leak (DROID Maxx 2, Turbo 2) 


Quick Hits

  • Moto 360 2 pictured in the wilds of Chicago 
  • Android Wear 1.3 with Together watch face (list of 21 interactive watch faces)  
  • YouTube Gaming now available 
  • LG’s new flagship launching Q4 2015 won't be “super premium” 
  • HTC Aero looks like an iPhone 
  • Project Ara failing drop test was just a joke 
  • Bing on Tap 
  • Animated BlackBerry Venice GIF  



  • Joe: / Note 5 and Edge+ are slippery
  • Chris: Over the OnePlus 2 / Huawei Nexus leak  
  • Ashley: Nvidia Recall / Samsung push notification ads


App Picks

  • Joe: Doodle for Messenger
  • Chris: Link Bubble Browser (now free) 
  • Ashley: Mujo


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