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This week we're talking about the story that comes around every year: Google is taking more control over the Nexus line. Is it for real this time? We're also talking about the OnePlus 3, iPhone 7 and no headphone jack, Snapchat confusion, and more!

Top Stories

  • Google says they’ll be ‘more opinionated’ with Nexus hardware (again)

Quick Hits

  • OnePlus 3 to launch without invite system
  • Renders of Lightening-to-headphone adapters leak
  • Phonebloks founder takes issue with where Project Ara is heading
  • More people use Snapchat than Twitter
  • ASUS Zenfone 3 announced


  • Joe: U of M ForcePhone tech / Kickstarter launch windows suck
  • Chris: 72 new emoji have been finalized / HTC 10 battery life is terrible
  • Ashley: Xiaomi MiBand 2 announced

App Picks

  • Joe: Big Hunter
  • Chris: Samsung Good Lock (updates)
  • Ashley: Templar Battleforce RPG Demo
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