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N is for Nougat! We finally have the official name and a less than amazing statue. We're also talking about AT&T ripping off T-Mobile, HTC Nexus rumors, the Galaxy Note 7, phones with ads, and 3.7-inch displays.

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  • Android Nougat

Quick Hits

  • AT&T shamelessly rips of Tmo Tuesdays
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will have curved display
  • YouTube gets live streaming from the app
  • Amazon discounting phones with lock screen ads
  • HTC Nexus rumors

#tbthursday: 3.7-inch displays


  • Joe: W/F: Google My Activity page
  • Chris: Android Mini Collectibles Series 6 / OnePlus 3 Alert Slider means no auto schedules
  • Ashley:  / Capital One still not supporting Android Pay

App Picks

  • Joe: Simply
  • Chris: Always On AMOLED - BETA
  • Ashley: Mekorama
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