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This week we're talking about our review of the Moto Z Droid Edition for Verizon. Droid Does modular, but will anyone care about it? We also rant about how the Pokemon GO launch has been a disaster.

Top Stories

  • Moto Z Droid Review (available now for pre-order)

Quick Hits

  • Niantic is blowing it
  • Android Nougat DP5 with cat game Easter Egg
  • Leak shows Galaxy Note 7 without curved display
  • Moto Z Play to have headphone jack
  • Everyone can apply for Twitter’s blue checkmark
  • New BlackBerry devices being announced next week

#tbthursday: before curved displays were cool


  • Joe: Bubble zoom for Play Books / Niantic
  • Chris: / OnePlus 3 GPS issues and video audio recording
  • Ashley: Amazon’s $60 BLU phone is okay (for a certain type of person) / 3 Step Bug Pokemon Go

App Picks

  • Joe: Flytube
  • Chris: SNOW
  • Ashley: Messenger for Pokemon GO
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