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It's everyone's favorite time of the year: Apple Event! /s That means we get to rip on Apple for "courageously" ditching the headphone jack. Other topics this week include the Galaxy Note 7 recall, Nintendo mobile apps, Pixel phones, Nexus 7 rumors, and more!

Top Stories

  • iPhone 7, Apple Watch
  • LG V20 is official

Quick Hits

  • Super Mario Run coming to iOS/Android
  • Pixel phones could launch October 20th
  • Huawei-made “Nexus 7” rumors
  • Pokemon Go Plus on sale September 16th
  • Galaxy Note 7 keeps exploding


  • Joe: HTC Uh Oh / tried to exchange Note 7
  • Chris: Apple Plug / Turing Phone
  • Ashley: Rose Gold Highlights / iPhone 7 no 3.5mm jack

App Picks

  • Joe: Remote Android TV
  • Chris: HomeBot
  • Ashley: Overlays - Float Everywhere
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