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Joe and Chris eulogize the Galaxy Note 7 and discuss where it lands on the list of Worst Android Phones Ever. Other topics include Verizon Pixel updates, Google Assistant Easter eggs, and more!

Top Stories

  • Galaxy Note 7 is done
  • Is it the worst Android phone of all time?

Quick Hits

  • Google will handle updates on Verizon Pixels
  • Google Assistant runs fine on Nougat devices
  • Duo replacing Hangouts in mandatory apps
  • Android 7.1 Developer Preview coming later this month
  • Samsung could ditch home button in Galaxy S8


  • Joe: Google Assistant Easter eggs /
  • Chris: Pokemon GO update / Pokemon GO Plus died in 25 days (not 100) and it sucks that I need it

App Picks

  • Joe: Climendo
  • Chris: Flychat
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