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This week Chris shares his final thoughts on the OnePlus 3T review. Is it really the best Android phone right now? We also talk about Verizon's refusal to kill the Galaxy Note 7, Amazon drone deliveries, and much more!

Top Stories

  • OnePlus 3T Review
  • Reader’s Choice Awards

Quick Hits

  • Verizon refuses Note 7 update
  • Google releases dev preview for Android Things
  • Evernote employees can see your notes
  • Amazon completes first drone delivery
  • Instagram gets live video

#tbthursday: Galaxy Nexus


  • Joe: Games in FB Messenger / Mario Run needs internet connection
  • Chris: POKEMON UPDATE / Pebble’s officially dead (but smartwatches aren’t)
  • Ashley: No Moto smartwatch in time for Android Wear 2.0 / S8 may not have a headphone jack

App Picks

  • Joe: Zombies Chasing Me
  • Chris: Pixoff: Battery Saver
  • Ashley: Google Santa Tracker
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