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We're finally back! We've got a special guest this week to talk about the best (and worst) from CES 2017. Some of our favorite things include the Honor 6X, white Xiaomi Mi Mix, thin TVs, and random gadgets.

Best of CES

  • Honor 6X
  • White Xiaomi Mi Mix
  • Super thin Xiaomi TV
  • NVIDIA Shield TV update & Spot
  • Honor Magic
  • ZTE Blade V8 Pro
  • Kodak 21MP camera phone
  • SanDisk A1 microSD card
  • Smart Lamp
  • Samsung Chromebook Pro
  • HTC Vive Accessories
  • Random CES Stuff

Worst of CES

  • Withings Smart Hairbrush
  • Spartan Radiation Boxers
  • Alexa enabled “everything”


  • HTC U Ultra & Play


  • Joe: VR shoes / fridges with touch screens
  • Chris: The new Google Voice / Hangouts
  • Ashley: Razer laptop with 3 screens / stolen at CES
  • Rob: LG Wallpaper TV / LG Wallpaper TV
  • Rob #2: Self Driving Car / HTC Vive Portable

App Picks

  • Joe: 1600
  • Chris: Always On AMOLED
  • Ashley: Touchscreen Repair
  • Rob: Google Drive Widget
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