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Chris and Joe discuss the multiple issues people have reported with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Are these things worth worrying about? Should we even talk about them? Is it unfair to scrutinize the S8 so much? All that, and much more!

Top Stories

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 issues & bias

Quick Hits

  • Galaxy S8 vs old Galaxy S camera test
  • Galaxy S8 vs LG G6 camera test
  • Google announces when Pixel support will end
  • There will be a Note 8
  • HTC U 11 specs leak
  • Jelly is a tiny LTE Android smartphone
  • Sheeple added to the dictionary


  • Joe: I played BotW / FB Messenger is getting laggy AF
  • Chris: Galaxy S8 separate app audio / FB #10concerts thing

App Picks

  • Joe: Google Earth
  • Chris: FaceApp
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