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This week marks the return of #sprintsux. What did they do this time? We also talk about someone stealing copper cables from Verizon, the OnePlus 2, Tindr for dogs, and much more!


  • OnePlus 2 will have a fingerprint sensor, coming July 27
  • iOS gets new Hangouts update before Android
  • Someone is stealing Verizon’s copper cables
  • Selfie sticks are no longer allowed at Disney
  • Wireless charging is about to get much faster
  • Android 5.1 is rolling out to a slew of devices
  • Massive Pushbullet update


  • Joe: Swarm gets mayorships again / New Facebook logo
  • Chris: Project Fi / Sprint video throttling (they backtracked)
  • Ashley: Apple Music Radio / Circa app stopped dev

App Picks

  • Joe: Tindog
  • Chris: Opengur
  • Ashley: Current Flow & SmartNews
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