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Chris and Edgar join us live from Barcelona, Spain to talk about everything that went down at Mobile World Congress! Galaxy S5, Nokia X, Sony Xperia X2, Gears, and wonder how Apple won an award without showing up. We also share our winners and losers from MWC. Thanks for listening!

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Mobile Roar 33: WhatsApp with Facebook?

WhatsApp with Facebook? Do they think they can just buy everything? Well, yes, they probably could. Terrible puns aside, the guys talk aboutt this recent acquisition. They also share predicitons for MWC next week. In a new segment the guys play "The Link Bait Game," and then the show is concluded with favorite app picks and Wins/Fails of the week. Thanks for listening!

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This week we recap the Rise and Fall of Dong. Of course, we're talking about the developer of Flappy Bird. We also talk about the latest iPhone 6 leak and hoax, the dozens of Windows Phone 8.1 leaks, and Verizon latest shady move. Thanks for listening!

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Flappy Bird has taken the world by storm, and the Mobile Roar Podcast is not immune. The guys talk about this insanely popular new game, share highscores, and talk about why it is so addicting. Is it the worst game ever made? They also discuss Woz' love for Android, the new Chromecast SDK, and why Microsoft's new CEO sounds like a super villain. You don't want to miss this episode!

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