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We've got the Samsung Gear VR in this house for this episode. Kevin talks about all the cool stuff it can do and why he loves it. The guys also discuss their picks for the top tech stories of 2014. Other topics include T-Mobile 8.0, Nest watching your every move, the Sony hack, and the neverending GIF vs JIF debate.

Happy Holidays!

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In this episode we're talking about the new Android Wear watch faces and Google's royal screw up. We also cover Iowa's plan to use phones as driver's licenses, the YotaPhone 2, and Chris's return to the HTC One M8.

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There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? The first crop of Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors have popped up, and the guys roll their eyes at them. Other topics this week include the HTC Hima, CAPTCHA, Candy Crush, and of course STAR WARS!

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