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We've hit the big 1-0-0. To celebrate triple digits we brought on a special guest from the early days of the podcast. We discuss the top mobile stories of the week, play a game, and much more. Thanks for listening!


  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 won’t come with SD card slot, and leak
  • OnePlus 2 will come with 4GB of RAM, cost less than $450
  • Dude rushes Broadway stage to charge his phone
  • Microsoft cuts over 7K jobs in phone business, will focus on less devices
  • NBA player thinks bigger iPhone gave him tennis elbow

The Clickbait Game


  • Edgar: Star Trek Communicator / I am on Sprint!
  • Joe: Badly Interrogated developer / Chevy making AC cubby for phones
  • Chris: Instagram fixes Android issues / Galaxy Note 4 $200 rebate offer
  • Ashley: Flesky Free / 

App Picks

  • Edgar: Bristlr, Final Fantasy Records
  • Joe: PassAndroid Passbook
  • Chris: Ticklr 
  • Ashley: Desktop Dungeons

Email Questions


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