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In this episode we're talking about #pengate, leaked Motorola Droid phones, HTC's iPhone copycat, the next Moto 360, and much more.


Top Stories

  • #Pengate, Samsung’s response, etc. 
  • Motorola leak (DROID Maxx 2, Turbo 2) 


Quick Hits

  • Moto 360 2 pictured in the wilds of Chicago 
  • Android Wear 1.3 with Together watch face (list of 21 interactive watch faces)  
  • YouTube Gaming now available 
  • LG’s new flagship launching Q4 2015 won't be “super premium” 
  • HTC Aero looks like an iPhone 
  • Project Ara failing drop test was just a joke 
  • Bing on Tap 
  • Animated BlackBerry Venice GIF  



  • Joe: / Note 5 and Edge+ are slippery
  • Chris: Over the OnePlus 2 / Huawei Nexus leak  
  • Ashley: Nvidia Recall / Samsung push notification ads


App Picks

  • Joe: Doodle for Messenger
  • Chris: Link Bubble Browser (now free) 
  • Ashley: Mujo


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Top Stories

  • Phandroid redesign

Quick Hits

  • Note 5 and S6 Edge+ official

  • M stands for Marshmallow

  • Motorola laying off a bunch of people

  • More Nexus 5 leaks

  • BlackBerry Venice with Android leaked

  • Project Ara delayed until 2016

  • Verizon blocking Android Pay


  • Joe: Marshmallow preview 3 / Marshmallow statue

  • Chris: Vertical music video / Galaxy S6 and possibly Note 5, S6 Edge Plus

  • Ashley: Kmashi 15,000 mAh power bank /

App Picks


  • Joe: Polycon

  • Chris: Smart AppLock (works on Lollipop)

  • Ashley: Fallout Shelter

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This biggest story in tech this week was Alphabet, the new parent company for Google and all of the weird stuff Google likes to do. What will it mean for us? We also talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, physical keyboards, HTC's downfall, and much more!

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This week we answer the big questions, like "what state is Arkansas in?" We also talk about actual tech news. More OnePlus drama, HTC ads for bad movies, T-Mobile making moves, and more!

Top Stories

  • Tricking Apple fans with faux iPhone

Quick Hits

  • OnePlus promising another phone before the holidays, AP break up, hacked
  • New LG Nexus 5 rumors and leaks
  • HTC angers users with Fantastic Four ad (Sony too)
  • Leaked images of Microsoft’s next flagship phone
  • Lollipop running on just 18% of Android devices
  • T-Mobile becomes 3rd largest US carrier


  • Joe: Nexus devices will get monthly security updates / YotaPhone 2 not coming to US
  • Chris: Moto X advertised in Moto G video / Galaxy Note 5 battery (3,000mAh)  
  • Ashley: Razer will put Ouya games on Google Play / Stagefright fail

App Picks

  • Joe: Play Music Alarm
  • Chris: TripCase  
  • Ashley: Moon Reader+ 50% off

Emails: Daquane, Beast

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