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The big stories this week revolve around modular phones. Moto's "Mods" have leaked in press renders, and Project Ara is still very alive. More alive than we hoped. Other topics include the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (yes 7), new Pebble watches, and more!

Top Stories

  • Moto Z to replace Moto X, mods leak
  • Project Ara not dead

Quick Hits

  • Pebble 2 and Time 2 announced
  • Google could release list of best and worst OEMs
  • Samsung to skip Note 6 and go to Note 7
  • Galaxy S7 Active to have 4,000mAh battery
  • Samsung shows off flexible display
  • Chromebook sales overtake Mac
  • Microsoft guts phone business and lays off hundreds


  • Joe: YouTube Red deal+good samaritan / Facebook is forcing trending on me
  • Chris: Android N’s hidden DPI setting / HTC 10 camera performance (auto-focus)

App Picks

  • Joe: Third Eye
  • Chris: USB Check
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