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This is quick episode where Chris and Joe share their first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

Topics from the discussion:

  • Weird aspect ratio
  • Why does China get 6GB of RAM?
  • U.S. is only getting three colors
  • Is the black really black or just kinda black?
  • Fingerprint scanner is in a bad spot
  • Are Samsung cameras falling behind?
  • Bixby is more than a gimmick
  • Galaxy S7 Edge still has a bigger battery
  • Hurray for headphone jacks
  • Yay for battery degradation improvements
  • Very expensive phone

We'll be back next week with a full episode!

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Top Stories

  • Android O is here

Quick Hits

  • Google Home speaking ads?
  • Free google home with LG G6
  • Samsung confirms Bixby
  • LG G6 launching March 30 at VZ, April 7 elsewhere
  • LG hit with lawsuit over bootloops
  • Leaked Galaxy S8 desktop dock
  • Superscreen Kickstarter
  • Weird iPhone case with Android on back
  • HTC U Ultra getting raked in reviews
  • Cyanogen CEO confirms Nintendo approached them about Android on Switch



  • Joe: HD HomeRun is cool / G5 is crapping out
  • Chris: ZTE Axon 7 is fantastic (who knew?) / but fingerprint sensor sucks
  • Ashley: Nokia phones coming to US / Super Mario Run not fun

App Picks

  • Joe: Boomerang, Klara
  • Chris: BlackBerry Privacy Shade
  • Ashley: Page Flip
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In this episode we're recapping Chris' trip to MWC 2017. He shares his thoughts on the LG G6 and the plethora of other new phones. We also debate the merits of software buttons.

Top Stories

  • LG G6
  • Sony Xperia phones
  • Moto G5 & G5 Plus
  • Huawei P10
  • BlackBerry keyOne
  • Nokia phones

Quick Hits

  • YouTube TV announced
  • Google Assistant rolling out to more phones

Software vs Capacitive Debate


  • Joe: Anker headphones / noise from Bluetooth headphones
  • Chris: Nintendo Switch / Switch issues (plastic screen, stupid USB port placement, etc.)
  • Ashley: Was surprised by the Switch / Rumors Pixel 2 won’t have headphone jack

App Picks

  • Joe: VolumeSlider
  • Chris: Universal Copy
  • Ashley: Swiftly Switch
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We don't have a full episode this week, but we wanted to make some corrections from the last episode. Thanks to everyone who let us know about the errors. We'll be back next week with a full episode with tons of news from MWC!

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